Traffic Safety

EVERYONE'S business - throughout the year

The flat topography, scenic roads and essence of a small New England village with its breathtaking seascapes make Groton Long Point a destination for residents and their guests alike.

 After a busy summer season, the school year has called away many of our residents and guests alike.  Our roads remain shared by motorists, cyclists, skaters and pedestrians of every caliber (runners, power-walkers, and the casual strollers). This being stated, we ALL hold responsibility to safe navigation of the shared spaces.

The State of Connecticut traffic laws (Title 14 of the Connecticut General Statutes) provide the legal foundation for our safe use of the public highways.

Just as important as the Connecticut traffic laws, observation and voluntary compliance to all signage posted by the Groton Long Point Traffic Authority & Groton Long Point Association (GLP Ordinances) is expected.

Paramount in this process... provision of sound practices by our adult community members, demonstrating the standards of safety for our young citizens.  Our children rely on our guidance and example for safety.

The GLP Safety Team wants our community to use the highways in the best interest of all its residents and guests.  Unsafe, reckless, or otherwise irresponsible use of the highways should be reported to the Police Department for corrective action.

GLP Public Safety Team