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Winter Storm Advisory.


Groton Long Point Association

In 1921 the Connecticut General Assembly approved the Charter incorporating The Groton Long Point Association, Inc (GLPA). All landowners on Groton Long Point are Members of the AssociationThe Members vote to adopt the annual budget, enact ordinances, and to elect a governing body comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Clerk, and five Directors. Collectively this body is known as the Board of Directors. The Board is supported by numerous Commissions and Committees. Groton Long Point has its own Police, Fire, and Water Departments.  Board Members are responsible for Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Docks, Beaches and Lagoons. The Association employs a Zoning and Building Official and a full-time Office Manager.

There are several other organizations that operate in Groton Long Point, that are not part of the GLPA, but involve many from the community. These include the Groton Long Point Yacht Club that provides summer programs for children and adults, events, sailing regattas, and fireworks and the Groton Long Point Women’s Organization who provide service, fundraise and sponsor social events for the betterment of the GLP Community.

Recent News


Driveway stakes available

We have some driveway stakes in our office to place at the edge of your driveway/lawn to help the plow driver know where the road ends and your lawn begins.  Feel free to stop by and grab a couple if you would like them for your property Mon-Fri between 9am and 3pm .  


Temporary Water Shut Off on East Shore

We have a contractor working on a water line issue and have temporarily shut off the water supply on East Shore between Beach Rd and Wyndham. We hope to have it restored shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


November 16 is final Yard Waste Pick Up

Yard waste only. Grass and clippings must be in paper bags, brush must be bundled into 4' lengths and tied. Please bring them to the road side.