Delivery Services for Area

Delivery of Groceries, Pharmacy and Other Essentials
March 22, 2020
To avoid shopping in crowded stores, here’s a list of services that will deliver to your home.
Some need an online connection and may require setting up an online account (which is generally very simple).
As you might expect, demand for delivery services has gone through the roof.   Even in “normal” times it might take several days to get your order.  Plan on getting your delivery 3-4 days after you complete your order online.
Suggestion.  If you set up a delivery, don’t have the delivery person come into your home.  If you have a large, covered “Rubbermaid”-type container or a large cooler, put it on your front porch and have deliveries put there.
Peapod by Stop & Shop                                                        (860)573-2763
This service is operated out of the East Lyme Stop & Shop but will deliver to Groton Long Point.
Big Y, Shop Rite and Aldi all use an online ordering service called InstaCart.           
McQuades                                                                              (860)536-2054
Delivers on weekdays only.
Walmart makes it possible to order groceries online, then pick up your order curbside at the store.  It will be loaded directly into your car.  No need to enter crowded stores or stand in line.
Keep in mind that Walmart in Waterford has a larger selection of groceries than the Groton store.
Most offer delivery of Rx and essentials.
CVS (Mystic)                                                                                        (860)536-5635
CVS (Groton)                                                                                      (860)446-0144
Big Y (Mystic/Stonington)                                                                  (860)536-5813
Walgreens (Groton)                                                                           (860)405-1919
Meal Kits
There are several services that will deliver meal “kits” in our area.  These “kits” contain all the ingredients for meals you can prepare in your home. will deliver fully prepared individual meals.
Groton Senior Center
Offers curbside pick-up of prepared meals.  $5 each for an entrée and two sides.  Orders must be called into (860)441-6785 by 10:30 am and meals must be picked up between 11:30-12:30.  Monday through Friday.
Many local restaurants have in-store pickup and dozens have home delivery.  In addition, there are several online services that will deliver food from restaurants all over the greater Mystic area.
The Real Essentials 
Grand Wine & Spirits (shop online and pick up at store)                  (860)572-8445
Universal Package Store                                                                  (860) 536-0122
Cask ’n Keg (delivers to GLP)                                                                       (860)536-8708
Stay well.  Stay healthy.