Invasive Porcelain Berry

Porcelain Berry … an invasive plant new to GLP
The Problem:  Porcelain Berry plants are beginning to spread in areas of GLP.  They are very invasive!  Fisher's Island Conservancy calls the plant "Public Enemy Number One!"  The vines can grow up to 16' long and they cover native plants blocking out sunlight and killing the plants underneath. It spreads by prolific growth and seeds eaten by birds and other animals.  In the fall they produce brilliant blue, pink and turquoise berries on climbing vines.  A few years ago we only had a few of these plants but now we have LOTS of them growing around the putting green, on East Shore Ave., across from North beach and on North St. and Duryea Dr.
General Management:  It is best to cut or pull the vines in the fall or spring, remove the roots or treat the stumps with herbicide to kill the plant.  It is an overwhelming job!  Also, removing the berries before they spread their seeds will help reduce regrowth.  If you see these vines with the pretty berries on your property … get rid of it!
Local Action:  Conservation Commission members are meeting on Wednesday afternoons at 3 PM in October and November at the putting green to address the problem.  This involves wading into the shrubs and pulling/cutting to remove the vines.  If anyone would like to help you are more than welcome.  We would welcome your help.   (We are not using herbicide at this point.)   The Board of Directors has placed a trailer on North Street to collect what is removed and will do a controlled burn of the material. 
For more information call Gail Munn at 860-912-8235.