GLP Fire Dept Winter Prep

-With the amount of rains we are receiving, please ensure that your sump pump(s) are tested and operating.  The Fire Department gladly responds to “water in the basement calls” but we are understandably dismayed when we find the installed sump pump jammed, not plugged in or just missing.

-This time of year, we get ready for the cold weather and the fact that many folks are lighting off their fire places or stoves for the first time this season.  Ensuring chimneys are clean, flues are open and gas system pilots function properly are important to prevent un-needed and potentially serious emergencies.  Also if your carbon monoxide alarm sounds treat this seriously.  Leave your home and wait on the porch until the Fire Department can use their gas detectors to ensure everything is normal.

-In New England an increasing source of  recreational water deaths is related to Paddle boards. Late season Paddle Boarders are reminded that CT regulations require a Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) in addition to your wet suit be worn at all times from 1 October-30 May.  

-Finally, as it gets darker earlier and with bad weather, there are still too many houses without any  visible street numbers.  We of course rely on the early arrival of the police but if this doesn't happen and with outside ambulances and first responders coming to the point even with GPS- timeliness is critical.  Neighbors should go out in the evening and shine a light near their door-if they can’t see their numbers -then we can’t and the condition should be corrected to help our first responders.

-GLP Volunteer Fire Department