GLP Fire & Police Departments recognized

The Groton Long Point Association and the Board of Directors recognized GLP Fire Chief Mark Debiasi, Assistant Fire Chief Arnold Lotring, and Volunteers Russell Poe and Patrick Cozens and  GLP Police Department Officer David Stackpole and Chief Jeffrey Nixon for their efforts on Saturday, January 20, 2018.  On this day, members of the Groton Long Point Volunteer Fire Department and Police Departments aided in answering an emergency call for service on the waters of Mumford Cove inlet near the Connecticut shoreline.

Three friends had gathered for a day of sport-hunting on the waters of the Connecticut shoreline.  Their vessel met the swelling waves of an incoming tide, driving winds and rains, all exacerbated by frigid temperatures.  Once the vessel foundered in the treacherous conditions, the three friends lives were placed in peril, at which time they and fellow responders from the region sprang into action.    

Upon receiving the call for help, their team had responded, launched a vessel and became part of the rescue efforts.   Their direct actions aided in the location and rescue of victims, administration of emergency life-saving efforts and transport to area medical facilities.      

Their selfless actions exemplify the very essence of emergency services when answering such calls.  Through their training, response and direct efforts, the team collectively demonstrated effective rescue operations under extremely adverse conditions.          

We salute their bravery and conduct in the proud tradition of Public Safety service.