Automatic Trash & Recycling Pick-up is Coming to GLP

On March 5, 2018 GLP will be moving to automatic trash and recycling pick-up for all homes.
How does it work?
You’ve probably already seen this.  The truck pulls up to the curb.  Two steel arms drop down and grab the receptacle then lift it and dump the contents into the truck. 
Why are we doing this?
  1. Faster and quieter. It speeds up the collection process by 50-60%, thereby reducing noise and street congestion.
  2. Less Expensive. It will reduce GLP trash collection and recycling costs by $400-500/month.
  3. Cleaner & Neater. It reduces stray trash caused by cans blown over in the wind or animals/birds tearing apart loose bags.
  4. Easier.  The new toters are wheel-mounted, making them easier to move than traditional cans.
How it works:
  1. All homeowners will be given new CWPM toters for both trash and recycling.
  2. CWPM will provide one 96 gallon trash toter and one 96 gallon recycling toter at no cost.  Free!  Gratis!
  3. The standard toter is 96 gallons, but they are also available in a 64 and 32 gallon size for homeowners with space restrictions. (The 96 gallon size is 44” tall, 34” deep and 29” wide. The 65 gallon size is 41” tall, 28”deep and 26” wide. The 32 gallon size is 38”tall, 25”deep and 20”wide.)
  4. Starting March 5, no loose bags, bulky waste or containers other than CWPM toters will be picked up – except on periodic bulky waste pick-up days. The frequency of bulky waste pick-up days will be increased from two-per-year (June and September) to monthly from May through September.
  5. Toters will be dropped off and placed against your house during February unless you have requested for us to hold them. 
Fun Fact.  Did you know that the average home on GLP generates more recycling than trash?
Cal Crouch
Director of Parks & Recreation